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We will provide you with an integrated routine, exercises, seasonal recommendations. If necessary also with the basic principles of Ayurvedic cleansing (detoxification or panchakarma), to prevent the accumulation of toxins and to restore a balance into your system. You will get all the tools that can radically change your health, physical and mental abilities easily and naturally.

Through Ayurvedic consultations, we will determine your personal ayurvedic constitution, your health condition, digestive imbalance. Identify problems and give you tools how to regulate them. Find your ideal diet that is the basis of good health. With mutual and trustworthy relation we will teach and assist you how to restore natural balance in the body.





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Nebojša Rađenović, Ayurveda Consultant
Nebojsa Radenovic, an ayurvedic practitioner, completed Master studies of Phytopharmacy with Dietotherapy, at Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb. Specialized with a work “Systematic review of selected herbs of traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda with Rasayana properties”.
At Maharishi University, Iowa in 2012 completed studies for an Ayurvedic Consultant, with practical placement in India at AVN Arogya Hospital, Madurai during 2013.
Since 2013, regularly travels and works closely with the panchakarma stationary unit at AVN Arogya Hospital. Nebojsa collaborates with the SDM Institute of Ayurveda & Hospital, Udupi, India and actively lectures in Croatia and the region on various topics about Ayurveda.

In 2015 with a colleague Branko Markovic has set up Ayurvedic Panchakarma clinic in Istria. There, two times per year (spring and autumn) it is possible to experience real authentic panchakarma therapies. More details at


“After just 5 days at the intensive detox program I lost 4.5 kg. I feel much better, with more enthusiasm and energy. My appetite has decreased and I continue with recommendation regarding tailored diet assigned to me. The accommodation and facilities are great, based in central Istria, with an incredible landscape, peace, quiet. It is a paradise for body and soul. The staff of Branko, Nebojša and Aleksandra are excellent connoisseurs of the subject of Ayurveda and I thank them once again for their effort and patience during 5 wonderful days! ”

– Max, 41 years old

“A beautiful house on an unforgettable hill in the heart of Istria. The hosts are very kind and great chefs who know how to assist and guide people. Today I think about food in a different way and at the same time feel satisfied and healthy. I never tried ayurvedic sauna before as well as most of the treatments. Great body and head massage that pleasantly surprised me. The lymphatic drainage was also decovery. ”

– Lidija K., Split

"Detoxification was my most beautiful physical and spiritual journey. Positive energy and interesting new friendships greatly facilitated with the necessary cleansing my body needed. Daily massages, a customized diet and various other treatments completely removed back pain while health problems during a woman's cycle were completely eliminated. I'm looking forward to check in again.”

– Sara J.

"Thank you Nebojsa, Branko, Mila for every moment spent with you. For me, a new experience with a professional team that does its job with love. Bravo!"

– Carmen SB

"Thank you Nebojsa, Branko, Mila for every moment spent with you. For me, a new experience with a professional team that does its job with love. Bravo!"

– Carmen SB

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