Ayurvedic detox retreat in Istria
17.09. – 24.10.2021.

Over the years and in time, due to lifestyle choices, diet and stress, our body accumulates toxins. Every person intakes food, air, positive and negative thoughts and life situations, feelings and stress…

Our body processes all intakes, both physical and mental, and uses whatever it needs, correctly or not, to provide cell nutrition in order to maintain physical and mental balance. Waste materials that are used, processed and unnecessary, body with its metabolic process eliminates through sweat, urine, feces and used energy. If there is a stagnation in metabolic activity, toxins accumulate in our body and disturb our normal physiological functions. They create havoc in our circulation, digestion, thought process, lymph flow and nerve impulses.

Nutrition and nurture of the cells becomes disturbed, and information takes longer to spread. Optimal cellular function slowly weakens due to various blockages in the body.


Body’s need for detox

Similar to our house pets, and our motor vehicles, at least once a year our body also needs a cleanse, a detox. Animals have inbred instinct for cleansing. Humans have this intuition as well, but over time we have forgotten all about it.

Individual Approach

Experienced practitioners and hundreds of clients

Ayurvedic treatments (therapies)

Massages, oil and herbal therapies

Organic Food

Balanced meals prepared in accordance with detox plan


Walks and meditations with a group, in the heart of green Istria

“Detox is a vital component of all natural medicine.”

Fast and detox through history
Throughout history, people always recognized that a yearly cleanse is essential for a good health. Even more so, every major religion included important fasts in its rituals and customs (Easter and Christmas fast, Yom Kippur fast, Ramadan fast, etc), as well as smaller fasts in several intervals throughout the year.
Simple detox through fasting
When person feels lethargic and unwell, or when they overindulge in drinks or food, the best detox is to simply skip several meals, allowing for quality absorption of all the previous intake and blockages, and elimination of all unnecessary waste, thus preventing its precipitation in the body.


“After just 5 days at the intensive detox program I lost 4.5 kg. I feel much better, with more enthusiasm and energy. My appetite has decreased and I continue with recommendation regarding tailored diet assigned to me. The accommodation and facilities are great, based in central Istria, with an incredible landscape, peace, quiet. It is a paradise for body and soul. The staff of Branko, Nebojša and Aleksandra are excellent connoisseurs of the subject of Ayurveda and I thank them once again for their effort and patience during 5 wonderful days! ”

– Max, 41 years old

“A beautiful house on an unforgettable hill in the heart of Istria. The hosts are very kind and great chefs who know how to assist and guide people. Today I think about food in a different way and at the same time feel satisfied and healthy. I never tried ayurvedic sauna before as well as most of the treatments. Great body and head massage that pleasantly surprised me. The lymphatic drainage was also decovery. ”

– Lidija K., Split

"Detoxification was my most beautiful physical and spiritual journey. Positive energy and interesting new friendships greatly facilitated with the necessary cleansing my body needed. Daily massages, a customized diet and various other treatments completely removed back pain while health problems during a woman's cycle were completely eliminated. I'm looking forward to check in again.”

– Sara J.

"Thank you Nebojsa, Branko, Mila for every moment spent with you. For me, a new experience with a professional team that does its job with love. Bravo!"

– Carmen SB

"Thank you Nebojsa, Branko, Mila for every moment spent with you. For me, a new experience with a professional team that does its job with love. Bravo!"

– Carmen SB


We differentiate toxins to the ones soluble in water and ones that bind to fats, or are soluble in fats. The ones that are soluble in water, if we are conscious of their existence, are relatively easy to eliminate. Correctly chosen fresh ascetic diet – local, seasonal, organic, mostly bitter. Well balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables. Lots of warm liquid intake, and in few days, just like in fasting, we can eliminate toxins soluble in water.

What to do with the toxins that bind to fats and which toxins are those?

Ayurvedic detox program, known as Panchakarma, is the only proven method of removing toxins soluble in fats, including:

Panchakarma process

Panchakarma is individual detox program comprising series of established well-known procedures and therapies, special massages, use of steam and dry saunas, deep relaxation, and moderate physical activity.
Similar to any treatment, in Panchakarma there is a need to prepare our body for the main treatment of the actual toxin release and purification process. Success of a prescribed therapy is highly dependent on pre-purification, making preparation the most important step in the whole therapy. In our Ayurveda Detox Center Glavini we mainly use one of the three major Ayurvedic detox methods:

  • Basti or enema
  • Virechan or purgation
  • Nasya or elimination of toxins through the nose (nasal administration).

For more details and treatment description, please read on Treatments …

Antiage događaji


During the Panchakarma process, administration of medicinal fats is strictly controlled and adjusted as required – they accumulate toxins in the body and with the use of laxatives or an alternative mean eliminate from the body. Together with that process, special diet protocol is created based on individual needs.


Ideally, the whole process would take 21 days, however it is normally adjusted to meet the needs of today’s hectic lifestyle, and it can successfully and efficiently be completed within 7 to 14 days. Panchakarma is the only detox program that is really taking place at the cellular level.


Following this reset, with the use of correct and individually created diet plan, individually planed herbal remedies and teas, the body will, after some time, normally within three months, return to homeostasis, or natural balance. Already, within first 5 to 14 days, majority of people will feel regenerated, but real effects will follow later.


King’s Treatment. Shirodhara is one of the best known ayurvedic therapies.


This treatment opens and cleanses breathing pathways and sinuses from blockages and mucus


Special deep tissue full body massage using dry herbal powders, mostly triphala, fine corn flour or chickpeas. 


Bags filled with medicinal herbs when in contact with warm herbal oil release active substances deep into tissues and stimulate peripheral circulation.


Warm, high quality ayurvedic herbal oil (made up of over 40 different plants) is applied on the entire body, pulling toxins out through the skin and other tissues 

Panchakarma program


17.09. – 24.10.2021.


7 to 21 days


Glavini Village, Istra

Base Price

9000 kn for 7 days

Panchakarma is individual program lasting 7 to 21 days. For those who are unable to take that time, there is a possibility to create a shorter program, with detailed instructions and consultations prior to joining the program. Preparation, diet and supplements will have to start at home, before your arrival.
Certain therapies like shirodara, pinde, nasya, are not included in the price as the basic package is equal for all. Additional therapies are based on individual needs. For those on the program, their price includes basic cost of the therapy. .

Basic package includes individual consultations before the start of the program and on a daily basis druing duration of the program, with daily check ups. Supplements required for the cleansing process. Daily abhyanga massage 60 min, ayurvedic sauna, lymphatic drainage 45 min, vegetarian meals with organic ingredients, teas. Sunrise yoga, walks and hiking in tha nature, small cooking and tea preparation workshops. Guidelines and recommendations for self-help after the program. Accommodation is in double bedrooms with bathrooms. For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Seven day basic package includes:

Initial ayurvedic consultations
Daily follow up consultations and monitoring
Supplements required for a high quality snehapanu, special herbal ghee, and an individually chosen cleanse with supplements
Abhyanga massage with special medical oil – 60 min, once a day
Ayurvedic sauna – once a day
Lymphatic drainage – 60 min once a day
Individual herbal supplements and teas
Vegetarian meals with carefully chosen organically grown ingredients
Sunrise yoga, walks/hikes in the nature, meditation sessions, breathing exercises and relaxation
Guidelines and recommendations for self-help after the program, as well as daily workshops for healthy, simple and integral meal preparation
Combination of spices, herbal teas and food based on individual approach

Eko Village Glavini



Eko Village Glavini, ian estate spreading over 30,000 sqm, has three buildings: the main guest house that has five bedrooms with five bathrooms, while the smaller house can accommodate up to four guests in two bedrooms. Next to the pool is a stone house with sauna, and relaxation and fitness area.

The property can accommodate up to 10 to 16 guests. There is over 300 olive trees, seasonal fruits (figs, cherries, apples, pears,..) and vegetables, all organically grown. All meals are made from local, organic ingredients, and as part of a detox, are based on easily digestible, ecologically grown food and teas.

Therapist | Nebojša Rađenović

nebojsa radenovic ayurveda consultant

Ayurvedic practitioner

Completed Master studies of Phytopharmacy with Dietotherapy, at Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb. Specialized with a work “Systematic review of selected herbs of traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda with Rasayana properties” .


Study and practice in the USA and India

At Maharishi University, Iowa in 2012 completed studies for an Ayurvedic Consultant, with practical placement in India at AVN Arogya Hospital Madurai during 2013. Since 2013, regularly travels and works closely with the panchakarma stationary unit at AVN Arogya Hospital.


Ayurvedic detox retreat in Istria

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